Digital literacy project and seafood

If you haven’t signed up for the FutureLab Newsletter then you should do so immediately, as it is an excellent way of keeping up to date with a range of ICT issues in education. The latest issue reports on a digital literacy project – with a difference. This project involved students conducting their own research and included them developing their own research questions, undertaking the research, analysing the results and publishing their findings. There are a number of interesting mini projects here and I’m sure that it might be fairly easy for you to replicate this in your own school i.e. by getting your students to pick the issues in which they are interested – and they may well be similar to those in this FutureLab Project. I think that this is an interesting development – and one which we TLs and SLs have been suggesting might be done in the past. It’s called digital literacy – I would include it as part of information literacy, but no matter what terms we use, what’s important is what our students learn.

On holiday in Nice recently, there was an abundance of seafood on offer – in markets and in restaurants, where it can be quite expensive, depending on you budget. I particularly like mussels and clams (see picture below) done in herbs and wine. While the seafood itself tastes nice, it is when you have emptied the shells of the flesh and you are left with a herby/fishy soup, into which you dip some fresh bread, that you really enjoy this dish. It’s also easy to cook this dish -and of course, it’s much, much cheaper to buy some mussels and clams, and cook them with some white wine, a bit of garlic and herbs such as parsley. The BBC has some excellent recipes.

Seafood dish


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