Photopeach and gladiolus murielae

In my email this week, an email from Ian McLean, who sounds as if he might come from the Scottish Hebrides, but he is an enthusiastic TL in Penrith, NSW. Ian has used a range of web 2.0 in his school, and one of his wikis was featured in my latest book. Ian has also been using Photopeach which is one of a vast range of tools which can be used for presentations. It’s a simple tool which you might want to try, and it includes some options for you to add music to your slides. It does not actually state that the musical choices are copyright free, so you might want to check this. As with many such tools, of course, there is a Premium Option, so if you want to download your presentation, for example, it will cost you US$3 per month. Worth a look although whether it is any better than other options such as Prezi, will depend on what you want to use it for. It could certainly be used by students in schools. Ian’s feature is about a school mural.

I have planted a large number of gladioli bulbs in my garden this summer and one or two traditional flowers are emerging i.e. a tight range of flowers on one stem. To my surprise (and not little delight) 2 of the plants have produced multiheaded white flowers with very delicate purple interiors, as seen in the photo below. Now, I know that having a title including the term gladiolus murielae  looks a bit (or a whole lot, depending on your viewpoint) pretentious. All I can say is that my Latin teacher, Mr Milne (who encouraged this working class boy through secondary school) would have been proud of me. I think he would have pronounced the ‘lae’ as ‘lie’, as opposed to ‘lay’.

Gladiolus murielae

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