Web 3.0 and clouds in the harbour

My colleague Judy O’Connell whose blog many of you follow, recently gave two conference presentations, one of which was about web 3.0. This presentation doesn’t have Judy talking to us, but it is certainly worth dipping into to get a flavour of what web 3.0 might look like. Judy has also included some very interesting YouTube presentations, from which we can learn more about aspects of web 3.0. Judy’s presentation has also been highlighted on The School Library Journal Blog – although I realise that this may be too many blogs being referred to on this blog! The School Library Journal blog is certainly worth adding to your favourites or your iGoogle page, and dipping into from time to time.

Another sunny day in Dunbar, another walk round Dunbar Harbour and I take my camera to try and catch something different. The picture below was taken on a bright day but there were also a few fluffy clouds about and I tried to capture the reflection of the clouds in the harbour. Unusually for Dunbar, there was little or no wind and the sea was flat calm. You always have to enjoy days like this. There are, of course, always people around who take a negative view. There’s a famous Scottish expression, probably based on inbuilt Presbyterian pessimism, which you might hear on a glorious summer’s day. The gloom merchant, in response to your “Aye, it’s a grand day”, will say “Oooh son, we’ll pye [pay] for this’.   


Clouds in Dunbar harbour



One Response to “Web 3.0 and clouds in the harbour”

  1. Christine Karlov Says:

    Hi James, I really appreciate your blog. I am finally figuring out how to use Google Reader so I can manage subscriptions to websites all in the one spot. Also just admiring Dunbar Harbour, stunning photo. It would make a great painting, or print. Yep that sounds very Presbyterian to be gloomy on a perfect day! I had a giggle at that :0)

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