Mobile devices report and Leontia Flynn poems

From the ever reliable eSchool News, an interesting report on mobile devices. Once you get past the advert for and messages from the sponsor, there’s some very interesting reading here for TLs and teachers. The report looks at why mobile devices might enhance education, trends in mobile devices e.g. BYOD – Bring Your own Device to school, best practices in schools using mobile devices, a good section on managing mobile devices in schools, and examples of ‘New Apps and Technologies’. It’s not the most critical report you’ll have read and is designed very much to promote mobile devices, so it needs to be read from a critical stance. However, as a good catch up on devices and new terminology surrounding mobile technology, this is a very good source for TLs and SLs, and one to circulate in the school.

The new Poetry Book Society’s Autumn Choice dropped into my letter box earlier this week. The book is Profit and Loss by Leontia Flynn, and as the Guardian review in the link shows, it’s a very intriguing set of poems, which range from the poet’s reflections on places where she used to stay e.g. I once lived in a railway carriage flat to one I read today The Floppy Disk – ‘Prince amongst misnomers, the floppy disk/lies stranded, in drifts of dust, in the top desk drawer. ‘ Another telling phrase is ‘How young it is to be obselete’, as well as ‘the neat black case still sleek as a woman’s suit or purse’. It would be interesting to know, for those of you in secondary schools, how young would a student have to be, not to recognise a floppy disk? There’s poetry in stones under the clear sea water not far from my house in Dunbar, so see the picture below and add your own verse.

Stones in clear sea water



One Response to “Mobile devices report and Leontia Flynn poems”

  1. Jessica Thomas (@jthomas49) Says:

    I had a year 3 find a floppy disk recently and ask me what it was – he had no idea. Makes me wonder the same thing as you – and makes me feel a bit old!

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