Schools in the digital age and a butterfly

Reading Mal Lee’s article in the new edition of Scan (in which I and my CSU colleague Judy O’Connell also have articles), I followed up the reference to Schools in the Digital Age. The authors argue that digital media is a ‘disruptive technology’ and will change the way that schools are organised in the future i.e. digital media will not just change the delivery of education. The authors point out that while many businesses have changed their management structures, school still operate on what they call an ‘industrial model’ which has remained unchanged for over 100 years. For TLs, it is worth downloading the 28 page summary and to look at some of the ideas presented there, especially those about learning spaces in schools, as there are implications for virtual school libraries here.

Out walking last weekend near Coldingham Beach, I spotted a flash of colour in the grass. The picture below shows the butterfly, which proved to be a very willing subject for a close up photograph by, from the butterfly’s point of view, a giant. The butterfly is the reasonably common Red Admiral whose proper name is the splendid Vanessa Atalanta – sounds like a great name for a film star, or female sleuth who solves murders in Madrid. I like the contrast of the vibrant colours of the butterfly with the grass.

Red Admiral aka Vanessa Atalanta


One Response to “Schools in the digital age and a butterfly”

  1. calypso47 (Margaret Hargrave and writing 'brand' Jane Connor) Says:

    I’m (at almost 70) doing courses at Sturt U so I can remain in my present (new) job as a TL in a very ‘different’ schol in Sydney’s south-west. My youngest daughter, who’s a senior editor at an educational publishing company, has recently completed her MA with a thesis on Disruptive Technology in publishing. She plans to do further, more advanced, work on this for a PhD. Thought you might be interested in that. 🙂

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