Free technology for teachers and close up photography

Searching for other things, I came across Free Technology for Teachers, a source that TLs and SLs might want to drop into now and again to check out the range of resources which appear on the site. It may be useful to you in the school library or it may be a source that you might want to pass on to your teaching colleagues in the school. As the site suggestsfree resources for teachers are the focus. There are tutorials dealing with aspects of technology, guides to making videos, wikis and websites, and a useful feature on creating your own personal professional learning network. Not all of this will appeal to everyone and some of the offerings may appear overly slick but if you are selective and take what you need from this resource, it could prove useful. So, bookmark and revisit, I suggest.

As the photos on this blog have shown, I have a great interest in taking close up photographs – of flowers, fish, crabs etc – as I love the detail that you can capture. Of course, I would dearly love to get more close up photos of birds and animals but, apart from kangaroos, sheep and cows, most of these won’t stay still to let me photograph them. This may of course have something to do with my Lilliputian appearance to these animals and birds, whose first suspicion is that I may want to kill them, rather than capture them on my digital SLR. Sometimes, you get lucky. The other evening, following some very unseasonably warm (but welcome) weather here in Dunbar, I got the hose out and watered the garden. I then noticed that some of the water had stayed on some of my  flowering gladioli. See the picture below for what I think is a great shot. Photography experts among you are, of course, welcome to disagree.

Drops of water on a gladiolus flower


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