Free ebook on school libraries and bird of paradise

Apologies for the lack of blog entries recently. In my email this week, a link for a new – and free! – ebook on school libraries: School Libraries: What?s Now, What?s Next, What?s Yet to Come. You can download this ebook in a number of formats. There 10 chapters in all with a number of contributors to each chapter. The content of the book covers learners, information literacy, teaching, reading, collection development and professional development. I would say that this is a must-see book for all TLs and SLs around the world. The quality of the contributions is variable and you may not agree with the stances taken by some contributors, but it is certainly worth dipping into from time to time. The foreword begins “The future of school libraries and school librarians hangs in the balance.” – an excellent reason to read part or all of this book.

I first saw the bird of paradise flower in South Africa and they are a spectacular species. I’m in Australia at the moment and these flowers can be seen in many gardens around Wagga Wagga. The flowers (see picture below) resemble a bird with a pointed beak and orange crest and must be one of the most unusual and colourful flowers around. When you first see these flowers, you have to look twice as you might think that you are, in fact, looking at birds and not flowers. The question I ask myself is – would these birds of paradise flourish in Scotland, in early December when I return? Mmm – probably not.

Bird of paradise flower


One Response to “Free ebook on school libraries and bird of paradise”

  1. Flamingo Dancer Says:

    “The future of school libraries and school librarians hangs in the balance.”

    As someone who considers that they are innovative, creative and a life long learner, but searching for a job, my experience is that school principals and selection panels are paying lip service to innovation, and continue to use old models to select their staff.

    Tell me also, having been told more than once this week that I am perfect for the job except that I don’t have enough experience; how does one gain experience when no one will give you the opportunity? How do we get selection panels to take a leap of faith with someone new?

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