Stannard tools and The Bow Bar

I recently came across Russell Stannard’s site whilst looking for something else. The main focus of the site is related to – as the name suggests – using video as part of personal development technology training for teachers. However, there is much to interest TLs and SLs, so this site is worth bo0kmarking and dipping into from time to time. Stannard’s set of videos on technology applications e.g. MailVu and Jing are presented in a refreshingly open and friendly way. For example, he’s not afraid to make mistakes and correct them on his videos, and this lack of slickness is reassuring. Stannard doesn’t just tell you what the tools can do e.g. Jing allows you make a video while capturing screen shots, but he discusses applications for teaching and learning. Some of the content of the site will be familiar to many of you e.g. Glogster.

One of the things that you absolutely must do when you are in Edinburgh, Scotland’s enchanting capital city (and that’s not my biased opinion but is based on many comments of visitors to the city I have talked to around the world), is to visit some of its many pubs. Of course, you do not have to partake of the alcoholic drinks on offer, but if you like the occasional pint of beer or a wee dram (glass of whisky), then Edinburgh’s real ale pubs are for you. I stress the real ale pubs as not all pubs serve what I would consider as proper beer. An excellent example is The Bow Bar with its impressive range of beers and 150 different malt whiskies. On a recent visit I had Moorcock Ale from Yorkshire. Now, you will not go into the Bow Bar in order to sit in a leather armchair, get table service and be charged a fortune for your drinks. This is a quintessential pub  – clean and comfortable, where you enjoy the beer. Check out the website to see the interior and one of its key features is the range of framed posters and old adverts on the walls. A great wee place to go.



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