Retirement and Dubai

Well, this retirement lark is OK so far. I have to admit that flying out to Dubai with my wife, to see our son, daughter in law and (get ready for the aaaah) 2 month old twin granddaughters (Abigail and Lola), on my first day as a man of leisure and pleasure (not necessarily in that order) was a very pleasant start. One of my colleagues reckons that within 3 months, I’ll be wanting to do another research project and will be knocking on the door of my local secondary school, Dunbar Grammar School. I went to this school a few decades ago, when it first opened in a new building, and I’ve done some projects there before. At present, I have no plans to do more research in schools but ….

Dubai is a fascinating place and a place of contrasts, where the affluent and the poor are side by side. If you are one of the affluent, there is a lot of luxury about, in terms of consumer products – if you are into shopping, unlike me – and a range of excellent restaurants, if you like great food, like me. The architecture in Dubai is often debated but I think that there are some very impressively designed buildings. The picture below shows the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, taken from the Al Safa park. I think that its anattractive building and you can see how high it is, when you contrast the other buildings, which are skyscrapers in their own right. See what you think.


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