Galanthophiles and cooking chicken

I love coming across new words which look like one thing and sound like another. Take Galanthophile for example. It’s obviously someone who loves something – the phile shows that. But is it someone who loves galant people or who loves being galant? Not so. A Galanthophile (noted in The Guardian) the other day, is a lover of snowdrops and apparently, people were offering nearly 400 GB pounds for a rare species on EBay recently. I would consider myself an admirer of snowdrops, so maybe not a galanthophile exactly. Below is a picture from last year of a garden full of snowdrops outside a farmhouse about 6K from where I live in Dunbar.

Snowdrops at Pitcox farmhouse

My younger son Stuart is a very good cook and adapts recipes he finds (e.g. from Jamie Oliver), so I copied one of the recipes the other night. I think that it may be called tray baked chicken. It’s very simple to do and looks very good when served. You take 2/4 chicken breasts, score them and rub in oregano and paprika. You then brown the chicken breasts in some olive oil and butter in a pan, and place them in a square ceramic roasting dish. You then glaze the pan with rosemary and red wine, and pur this over the chicken. To the roasting dish, you add a quartered lemon and 4 cherry tomatoes on the vine (not loose), and cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. When you serve the chicken breasts, place the tomatoes on top for a professional look. My own addition to this was to serve the chicken on a bed of creamed leeks (chopped leaks softened with margarine/butter, with a tablespoon of creme fraiche added), and some Charlotte  potatoes. The photo below shows what mine looked like, although Stuart’s looked better. Both tasted very nice.

Chicken with cherry tomatoes


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