The end of Wallender, new bike and bridge to nowhere

I have just finished reading Henning Mankell’s last Wallander novel The Troubled Man. While Wallender has been a fascinating character, and while this book has an intriguing plot (always provided by Mankell), it’s not one of my favourites. Firstly, it’s partly about spies. I am more of a crime fiction aficionado rather than a fan of spy-related novels. There is a good plot and the reader is kept guessing until near the end and of course, Mankell’s words flow effortlessly off the page. My main objection to the novel was that Wallender – just turned 60 – has turned even more morose. Indeed, in this novel, he comes across as a rather pathetic individual, particularly in relation to his age. His reflections on death and the fact that he appears to think of himself as old at 60, did not gain my sympathy. For people of my age, turning 60 is moving into a new, and potentially exciting stage of life. However, the novel was well reviewed and, if you are a Mankell fan, you’ll enjoy it. If you haven’t read any of the Wallender novels, start at the beginning.

I have just ordered a new bike – a Merida mountain bike. There’s a cliché amongst bike riders that it’s not the bike, it’s the rider, and as I am making yet another comeback as a cyclist, I have duly suffered comments from my cycling mates that this level of bike needs a cyclist, not an occasional rider. However, as retirement has given me more time, I am hoping to get back to previous levels. Watch this space.

The photos below show 2 perspectives on Belhaven Bridge at Belhaven Beach in Dunbar. The first one shows the bride when the tide is in and it’s called ‘the bridge to nowhere’. If your first view of the bridge is at high tide, your thoughts relate to why the bridge should be there at all. However, when you see the bridge at low tide, you see that there is a constant stream under the bridge – thus the reason for the bridge. The 2nd photo shows the sun reflected under the bridge and you have to be lucky to catch this shot. I have the feeling that this photo may have appeared on the blog previously but it’s one of my favourite photos.

Bridge to nowhere

Setting sun under Belhaven Bridge



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