Pile of stones, half marathon and harvest time

One of my post-retirement plans is to build some stone walls in my garden. I have never done this before but will get professional advice as my niece’s partner is a qualified stonemason. One of my neighbours was lowering a stone wall in front of his newly built house  and gave me the stone. The original wall was probably built 80-100 years ago. So far, I have helped to load the stone on to a large van and do 3 trips, unloading the stone in part of my garden (see photos below). The local stone here is red sandstone and a spectacular use of this stone can be seen at Tantallon Castle which is about 18K from my home in Dunbar. My walls will only be 1 metre high. On Saturday, after a 50K cycle in the morning, I went to help marshal the Haddington Half Marathon, in which my son Jonathan and 400 others were running. The town of Haddington goes back to the 12th century and its most famous son is the religious reformer John Knox. The half marathon route goes into the East Lothian countryside, which is resplendent at this time of the year, with field after field of golden grain. I love seeing bales left in fields after the harvest, although many farmers (obviously not aesthetes of their environment) immediately remove the bales. You can see this landscape and the runners on my Photopeach pages. Use the full screen icon for best effect.

Red sandstone pile

Red sandstone


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