Digital maps, horse at the beach and The Library Bar

An interesting article in today’s Guardian about digital maps. The article not only reviews how people increasingly use digital maps – for directions or to find a restaurant, pub or shop in a particular area, but also looks at how digital mapping has developed very rapidly in the fast few years. We all know about Google Earth but Google have plans to extend the coverage of the world’s cities as well as “hiking trails, narrow alleyways or the forest floor”. Not to be outdone, Apple are planning to replace Google Maps on IPads and IPhones with what they claim will be a superior technology. The article also raises the question of whether advanced mapping systems are not only helping us find our way about, but may actually be tracking us i.e. recording where and when we use a digital map. The pros and cons of this are debated well in the article, with a range of expertise quoted.

Going for a walk at Belhaven Beach recently, just as the sun was going down, I came across a man on a horse, just about to cross the stream that runs under the bridge. The picture below was taken on my mobile phone, so not as good quality as my Canon 1000D which I normally use, but still captures the moment. For once, there was no wind on the beach, just a calm sunset. The 2nd photo was taken by me on a day out in Edinburgh and a nostalgic walk round part of Edinburgh University where I was an undergraduate history student from 1967 to 1971 (still find it hard to believe how many years ago that is). The photo is taken at the University Union. The interesting part about this photo is that the part of the building which is now the Library Bar, used to be the Library – a place where students could study in quiet. There was of course, a large bar downstairs. This poses a question: if a library becomes a bar, is this progress or regress?

Horse at Belhaven beach

The Library Bar


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