Tanderlane, hens/chooks and calm at St Abbs

Out on my bike this week, I cycled from Dunbar to the hamlet of Stenton (Note: I’m 0ften wary of Wikipedia but this entry looks sound and I checked it with other sources) and on to the village of Gifford which is an affluent community in the heart of the East Lothian countryside. On the road to Gifford (a few hills here), you pass Tanderlane Farm and, as  the first photo below (and the link) shows, the name of the farm is in large white letters and dated 1907. I can’t find out why this farm decided to advertise its name. However, it’s one of these places whose names have changed over the years. There is a record, part of which reads “Tenderlane belonging to Hugh Delarimple of Nunraw Esq” – Delarimple would now be spelt Dalrymple. It’s a great site on a hilly stretch of road.

Visiting the Knowes Farm Shop – about 5K from Dunbar, to buy fresh eggs, I took the 2nd photo below of the hens which run free near the shop. These are serious looking hens. Interesting that when we went to live in Australia for a time, my wife and I heard that Australasians call their hens chooks. Why they are called chooks appears to be debatable but one version – from the Irish word tioc (pr. chook) appealed to me.

St Abbs Head has featured often on this blog as it’s one of my favourite places. Today, my wife and I went walking there and, for a change (and because it wasn’t blowing a hooley) we walked to the far side of the harbour. The 3rd and 4th photos below show how calm the sea was. The wind was from the SW, so the harbour was sheltered. The last day of September, blue sky and sea, and quite warm – hard to beat.


Serious hens/chooks

St Abbs harbour

St Abbs harbour


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