Japanese translation, lifting and planting bulbs and Boogie Woogie!

A surprise email this week from Kazu Sunaga in Japan. Kazu translated my 1996 book Teaching information skills in schools (See first photo below). We met up again last year at the IASL Conference in Kingston Jamaica. My publishers had donated a copy of my new book Improving students’ web use and information literacy and at the conference dinner, I was asked to present it to a lucky winner. I asked the audience whose birthday was closest to mine – and it turned out to be Kaza Sunaga. There were some cries of “Fix!” when I told them who he was, but he was a genuine winner. So something to look forward to next year.

In my garden, the seasons change and one lot of bulbs – gladioli (see 2nd and 3rd photos below) comes out and other bulbs – daffodils, crocus and tulips go in. So some are lifted and dried for next year and the next lot are planted. This always reminds me of the novel and film Being There in which a simple gardener becomes a top political advisor with comments on gardening which are misinterpreted as insightful analysis e.g. of the economy – an excellent satire. Planting for next spring – I put the daffodils in one layer in a tub, then more compost, then the smaller bulbs, then more compost and finally spring flowers such as pansies, violas and polyanthus, so you  get a varied display. It’s a very satisfying experience.

Out on my bike this week, I listened (safely with the volume not too high) to The A, B,C, D of Boogie Woogie recorded in France and featuring top pianist Ben Waters and Rolling Stone Charlie Watts. If you like a mixture of blues, R&B and Boogie Woogie, then this is for you. It may not improve your cycling but it will give you a good feeling about life.

Japanese translation


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