Caerlaverock wetlands and horses in the water

Away this week for a few days visiting friends in the historic town of Dumfries, originally a medieval town and famous for the Scottish poet Robert Burns , while the surrounding area features places where Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland lived. A highlight  of our visit was when we went to Caerlaverock Wetlands. This is a nature reserve where, in the winter, 60,000 barnacle geese arrive from Norway. You can see the geese rising in great flocks along the shore and you can hear the cries of the geese as they take to flight and then land again. There are several hides on the reserve from which you can see varieties of geese, swans and ducks. On our visit, there was a rare sighting of a green winged teal which had arrived from North America. The men we met who told us about this rare sighting had travelled 3 hours to see this bird. Interestingly, they referred to each others as birders i.e. not twitchers which we might use. The first photo below is of the swans and geese seen from one of the hides. It was taken on my phone as I (aaaah!) forgot to take my camera.

Out for a walk yesterday on a beautiful autumn day here in Dunbar, to the White Sands, so called because of the very light coloured sands there, particularly in the summer. We came across 2 people on horses at the edge of the sea and it was a lovely sight to see the horses against the calm blue sea and very gentle waves. It’s a very attractive walk anyway but this just added another elegant touch. The 2nd photo shows one of the horses and its rider.

Swans at Caerlaverock Wetlands

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