Big cycle, bees and sword lilies

Big cycle this week. From Dunbar, you the choice of going on a fairly flat route long the coast, a medium hilly route in the countryside or a very hilly route in the Lammermuir Hills. I cycled up the Garvald, Then up a big hill to the Nunraw Monastery and on to a series of very steep hills – and some exhilarating downhill rushes – before coming to the very scenic Whiteadder Dam (pr Whitadder). You don’t get much time to look at the dam, as you are soon climbing hard to the high point. Then it’s downhill at up to 40 mph/65kph. You turn at the sign  to Crichness Farm and then you do four very stiff climbs, before heading on past the extensive windfarm to Elmscleugh Farm, where there is  of another hurtle downhill to the farm itself, where a gaggle of geese, ducks and hens wander about. It’s maybe only 32 miles but I was glad to get home.

More bee shots this week – see photos 1 and 2. I had to take a few shots as I was trying to get the monster in a horror film effect, although as you can see, these bees are attractive rather than horrific.

Last year, I bought a packet of sword lilies, which have the glorious Latin name Gladiolus dzavakheticus Eristavi, according to Kew Gardens. Mine are white with a purple inside – see photo 3. Photo 4 shows one of my gladioli with the incoming high tide behind.


Close up bee

Close up bee

Feeding bee

Feeding bee

Sword lillies

Sword lillies

Gladiolus and high tide

Gladiolus and high tide





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  1. crenellatedarts Says:

    Such beauty.

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