Belhaven pond, curlew and ducks and festive greetings

A walk down to Belhaven Pond last week, to see if I could get some decent bird photos, but there was a scarcity that day – a few mallards, some coots who scampered away on my approach into the middle of the pond. Tennyson’s poem The Brook begins with “I come from haunts of coot and tern”. The pond itself is extensive (see Photo 1, included from here, under the Attribution  Agreement) and is beautiful on a sunny day – on my visit, it was cloudy. I was lucky however, that a woman and her daughter were throwing bread into the water and immediately, out of nowhere it seemed, a group of greedy – and pretty aggressive – seagulls arrived. Photo 2 shows two of them about to grab some bread. The gulls soon got fed up, having eaten the big pieces of bread and 3 coots arrived to eat the scraps from the big birds’ table. I then walked back down what is known as the Dump Road, as there used to be a landfill site where the caravan site now is. About half way along, I looked over the wall and could see two curlews among a large gathering of what I think were teal. Photo 3 shows the curlew on its own, with its distinctive long beak. Curlews, which have the splendid Latin name Numenius arquata, suitably august for a large bird, have a very distinctive call. Photo 4 shows the curlew amongst the ducks.

As this is the 24th December, I send you all festive greetings, wherever you are and whether you are in midwinter as I am or in midsummer. So:  Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår,  Prettige feestdagen, Bula Vinaka, Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta, Joyeuses fêtes, Frohe Feiertage and Felices fiestas. If your language is not here, English will have to do, I’m afraid.

belhaven pond

Belhaven pond

Seagulls at Belhaven Pond

Seagulls at Belhaven Pond

Curlew at Belhaven Beach

Curlew at Belhaven Beach

Curlew and ducks at Belhaven Beach

Curlew and ducks at Belhaven Beach



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