Carol Barrett, time travel and enjoy the daffodils while you can

A visit to the excellent SOC Donald Watson Gallery in Aberlady to see a stunning exhibition of paintings by Carol Barrett, entitled Under An African Sky. The exhibition features Carol’s paintings from trips to Botswana and to Tanzania. There’s a wide variety of birds and animals depicted in the exhibition and it’s only when you consider the amount of detail in many of the paintings e.g. birds such as the Crowned Crane or any of the cheetah paintings, that you realise how skilled and imaginative this artist is. I emailed Carol and she kindly sent me photos of what I thought were the two standout paintings in the exhibition and they are posted below. The first is a large painting of 3 elephants and it appears to be an affectionate family portrait, to be enjoyed by all. What I also liked about it was the abstract quality of parts of the painting e.g. the lines on the elephants’ trunks. The second painting is an extraordinary portrait of an ageing lion, and you can almost see the years of experience in his eyes. There’s also, for me, a melancholy aspect, as if the lion might be bemoaning that his best days are in the past, although there is still menace in his eyes. The detail and the delicate background in this painting are of the highest quality and I returned to the painting several times. If you are in the area, it’s a must see.

Tender Giants by Carol Barrett

Tender Giants by Carol Barrett

Fading Monarch by Carol Barrett

Fading Monarch by Carol Barrett

This week, I finished my free online Philosophy course presented by a range of expert lecturers from Edinburgh University. The final week was on time travel and it focussed not on the possibility of time travel but on the logic of time travel. Dr Alasdair Richmond posed a number of intriguing questions about the logic of time travel e.g. could you go back in history and kill Hitler before he came to power? Given that the history of the world since the 1930s has happened and is believably recorded by almost everyone, it would not be logical to argue that this could be done. However, it might be logical to suggest that a time traveller could go back and see Hitler before he came to power, as long as history was not changed. A further logical possibility – however unlikely – is that there could be multiple worlds I.e. not just our own, and that, in another world, Hitler might well have been killed and not come to power. Now, all this could be dismissed as navel gazing but what it does do, is make you think carefully about what you are listening to, what you read and what sense you make of all this.

The daffodils are out in people’s gardens, in forests and in municipal displays at roadsides and roundabouts, and they are a delight to the eye. However, this week we have had very strong winds which have tested the daffodils’ strength severely and there have been many casualties, such as the ones in the photo below, taken at the back of my house. So we have to enjoy the daffodils while we can. At least the daffodils are stronger than the crocuses shown in the previous post, all of which were blasted into oblivion by the wind.

Blasted daffodils

Blasted daffodils



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